Association of North East Asia Regional Governments Newsletter
Vol.81  Jul-Aug 2018
Lastest NEWS

2018 NEAR Working-level Workshop, held in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, South Korea 2018

Secretary-General Hong Visits Irkutsk Region, Russia

NEAR Secretary-General Visits Akita Prefecture, Japan

NEAR Secretariat and Hunan Province Hold Preparatory Meetings for the General Assembly

NEAR Signs MOU for Renewable Energy with Member Regional Governments

NEAR Secretariat Holds Invited Lecture by Former Korean Consul-General in Sendai

Member NEWS
Japan-Aomori Prefecture

Art Exchange for Children between Aomori Prefecture and Jeju Special Autonomous Province

Aomori Prefecture, Japan and Jeju Special Autonomous Province, South Korea began running mutual exchange programs for children in the field of arts since 2017 after establishing sister relations.

Japan-Toyama Prefecture

2019 World Congress of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club, to be Held in Toyama

The World Congress of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays which was held in April in La Baule, France, was followed by a unanimous decision to hold next year’s congress in Japan for the first time.

Mongolia-Tuv Province

2018 Chinese Cultural Festival, Tuv Province

The 2018 Chinese Cultural Festival 2018 was held from June 5 to 8. The festival was hosted by the Administrative Department of Tuv Province and co-organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Mongolia and the Chinese Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar.

China-Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

15th Naadam Grassland Festival to be Held on August 8, Inner Mongolia

The Opening Ceremony of the 15th Naadam Grassland Festival in Inner Mongolia is to be held on August 8, 2018.

South Korea-Busan Metropolitan City

27th World Championships of Magic

The 27th World Championships of Magic will be held in Busan from July 9 to 15. About 2,300 magicians from more than 50 countries around the world are predicted to participate in the event, during which 150 magicians from all over the world will hold gala shows, lectures, and seminars.

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